The indoor swimming pool, which can see the ocean, is able to maintain a comfortable
temperature at all times by automatically adjusting the temperature of the water and maintain its
excellent water quality by using an automatic water purification system.


  • ExplanationThree 20m lanes with a depth of 1.2m and a Kids pool
  • Location 2F
  • Operating hours
    06:00 ~ 22:00
        ※Lash guards and life jackets are not allowed in the Main pool.
        ※Must wear a swimsuit and swimming cap in the Main pool
        ※Children under 48 months are not allowed to swim in the Main pool.
        Instructions for the kids pool
        - Tubes / Life jackets / Lash guards are available in the Kids pool.
        ※No children under 48 months or No lash guards are allowed in the Main pool.
  • Inspection timeEvery Monday 09:00 ~ 13:00 (Inspection) / 13:00 ~ 15:00 (Cleaning)